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Vietnam to introduce extra pay for women’s work on period

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A new piece of legislation to take effect on February 1 will grant bonus pay to female workers who do not plan to take menstrual leave and are approved to work on their periods by their employers.

The provision was mentioned in Decree 145/2020/ND-CP detailing and guiding the implementation of the Labor Code on working conditions and labor relations.

The 126-page decree covers various important labor policies regarding women’s menstrual cycle.

More specifically, a woman is entitled to a 30-minute paid break each day, at least three days a month during menstruation, while still receiving full wages as stipulated in her employment contract.

More monthly breaks and specific schedules can be settled via consensus between workers and their employer.

Providing a woman have no plan to take menstrual leave and is approved to continue working by her employer, her hours will be counted as working on leave days rather than overtime hours and, therefore, will be remunerated extra, the decree stated.

The decree also encourages employers to go further than the bare minimum stated in Article 32 of the Law on Social Insurance, which allows up to five two-day leave periods for expectant women.

Meanwhile, a woman who has children under the age of 12 months is entitled to a 60-minute break per day to breastfeed, pump and store breast milk, and rest.

She will still receive full wages during this period, and can settle with her employer for a more flexible work schedule based on her circumstances and the workplace’s realistic demands.

The decree encourages employers to install lactation rooms to help women pump and store breast milk. Such accommodation will be required for workplaces hiring 1,000 or more female workers.

Employers are recommended to give breaks for women with children above the age of 12 months to pump and store breast milk at work.

The duration of this break is up for discussion between workers and their employer.

Tuoi Tre News – December 18, 2020

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