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International tourists do not like tours and packages

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Vietnam’s plan to reopen international tourism gives hope, but the first phase comprising designated tours is not appealing.

“Population on Phu Quoc shall be fully vaccinated. Tourists will be fully vaccinated. Tourists will be tested before departure from their home country. Tourists will be tested after arrival on Phu Quoc. Actually this is the maximum safety you will ever get.

Hard to understand why visitors must still stick to a guided tour program and will not be allowed to move around freely on the island and visit restaurants and shops at their own choice. Under these conditions, I fear most tourists will go for other destinations. :-(“

Stefan F

“It is not feasible and viable because of tour package for 7 days- must stay at designated hotels; must stay with tour – must eat and go with tour operator. International tourists do not like tours and packages. Thailand: only ONE PCR test on arrival and one night stay at hotel, free to go any place in Thailand. Vietnam wants to apply 7 days control with fully vaccinated – will not work.”

Tan Zar

“It would be more appropriate to say that some tourists will be allowed to stay at sequestered and limited places within a tour package and with no possibility really to visit Vietnam, and after filling many forms and passing many tests. If you want to visit the real country, which is far more interesting and authentic than expensive and western-style resorts, the time has not arrived yet…”

Henri Purport

“I would not be going with such limited destinations but I understand. Other countries in Asia are doing the same. Cambodia has announced a test program for limited locations like Sihanoukville. For me, after living in Vietnam during the pandemic times, the place I will want to stay in is Hanoi. I don’t have some strong desire to go back until after Vietnam fully opens. I’m happy with my life in Puerto Vallarta Mexico now.”


“Sounds good initially but if you continue reading. There’s a catch: must book a tour. That’s a sticking point for me.”

Tôi đồng ý với bạn

“Doesn’t sound fun to me… no freedom to travel solo and do what you want. I will wait until next year!”

Michael hall

“This gives real hope to a possible return to normal after all. I still believe it will likely be next June for Phase 3 complete reopening, but at least we can now begin planning.”

gcraft2 – November 3, 2021

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