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Spain second country to deny visa for Vietnam’s new passport

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Spain has followed Germany in denying visas to holders of Vietnam’s new passports because it lacks information on the passport holder’s place of birth.

“The new passport does not show the bearer’s place of birth. This is important information for personal identification and is also required for processing visa applications to the Schengen countries,” the Spanish Embassy in Vietnam announced Monday.

The 26 Schengen countries have abolished internal border controls, allowing free movement between member states. Schengen visa holders are allowed to stay in the countries of the bloc for up to 90 days in each semi-annual cycle.

Spanish authorities are coordinating with other member states in the Schengen area to technically analyze Vietnam’s new passport, the embassy said.

It added that until the competent central authorities in the Schengen area make a decision on whether to accept the new passport with dark blue cover, the embassy won’t accept Schengen visa applications from Vietnamese citizens with the new passport.

Schengen visa applications with a previous valid Vietnamese passport (green cover) showing the place of birth will still be received and processed by the embassy normally.

Those who intend to enter Schengen member countries should contact the representative offices of those countries to confirm the relevant information, to avoid difficulties in completing immigration procedures at the border between the countries, the Spanish embassy recommended.

The decision to deny visas for the new passports was made by Spain nearly a week after the German Embassy in Vietnam announced that it would stop issuing visas for new Vietnamese passports for the same reason.

A representative of the Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security affirmed a few days ago that Vietnam’s new passport model complies with international regulations and practices and issues that arise will be prioritized for handling through diplomatic channels.

Vietnam’s new passport, with decorations on its pages and covers, has been in use since July 1 this year.

The old, green cover passports will continue to be valid till they expire.

By Huyen Le – – August 1st, 2022

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