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Vietnam to tighten military relationship, border security

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Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) commander-in-chief General Vong Pisen and Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Defence Nguyen Tan Cuong, chief of the general staff of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA), have agreed to continue enhancing military cooperation in order to maintain peace and stability, and protect the development of the two neighbouring countries.

The October 17 talks took place in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi during Pisen’s official visit.

According to the RCAF, the visit aimed to deepen the traditional relationship between the militaries of the two countries which have at times shared pain and joy.

“At this time, we intend to continue to boost the bonds of friendship, fraternity, solidarity and cooperation between the two armies. This will contribute to maintaining peace, stability and ensuring the development of the two countries and the whole of the ASEAN bloc alike,” he said.

He added that the RCAF will continue to implement the comprehensive cooperation protocols which have been signed by the defence ministers of both countries. The memorandums of understanding (MoUs) cover personnel exchanges at all levels, along with human resource training, the sharing of intelligence, natural disaster rescue cooperation and boundary demarcation via border markers.

Cuong described the meeting as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the close cooperation between Cambodia and Vietnam as good neighbours.

He expressed his commitment to continuing to strengthen and build relationships and trust, noting that both countries have adopted the stance that they will not allow any foreign hostile power to use their territory to affect the interest of another nation.

“Therefore, the continuation of strengthening military cooperation remains essential. This cooperation is a cornerstone of the bilateral relations between Vietnam and Cambodia,” he added.

Pisen said both sides also discussed tripartite cooperation between Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. On December 12, the defence ministers of all three countries will meet at the “Emerald Triangle” area, and joint humanitarian medical rescue exercises will be held in Vietnam.

Yang Peou, secretary-general of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, explained that as Cambodia and Vietnam share a border, increased security cooperation is essential to combat cross-border crime, including the transport of contraband goods and human or drug trafficking.

“What we need is certainty in this cooperation. It cannot be just on paper, as there may be some loopholes in its implementation. Border issues have still arisen,” he added.

By Kim Yutharo – The Phnom Penh Post – October 19; 2023

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