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US terrorist group coaxes people into deadly attacks in Vietnam

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A terrorist group in the U.S. was accused of inciting people in Vietnam to perform terrorist acts to instill fear, prosecutors said at a Tuesday trial for deadly attacks on government offices in Dak Lak.

Prosecutors of the Central Highlands’ Dak Lak Province said Y Mut Mlo, the ringleader of terrorist group MSGI (Support group for Montagnards) based in the U.S., had been persuading H Wuen Eban since 2015 to join armed activities, murder and destroy properties to instill fear among the people and disrupt order in Dak Lak.

Y Mut Mlo is currently on the run and wanted.

Mlo also introduced Eban to other members of MSGI, including Y Chik Nie, Y Nien Eya, Y but Eban, Y Chanh Bya and Y Sol Nie.

In August 2018, Bdap illegally crossed the border to enter Thailand and formed the MSFJ (Montagnards Stand For Justice) organization to incite people of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands to perform terrorist acts.

In 2019, Eban joined MSGI to seek material support from outside of Vietnam to go against authorities, forming the so-called “Dega State” in the Central Highlands.

From 2019 to June 2023, Eban recruited people from Dak Lak villages to form armed groups, as well as calling for funds to buy weapons.

Eban and his accomplices also threatened many to force them to join the armed groups. MSGI often sent money to Eban to pay for living expenses and other costs of the armed groups.

In early 2023, Eban requested permission from MSGI to allow armed groups to perform terrorist acts in Vietnam, murdering people and destroying properties to instill fear in the community. Y Sol Nie returned to Vietnam to help Eban with coordinating the terrorist acts.

On May 12, 2023, Nie came to Thailand from the U.S. and contacted Eban on how to return to Vietnam without being detected. Eban enlisted people to help Nie enter Vietnam, and Nie, along with Eban and others in the armed groups, devised plans and chose locations to attack authorities and steal weapons, among other acts.

They then chose the People’s Committee offices of Ea Ktur and Ea Tieu communes as their targets, as the locations would make it easier for them to attack and retreat from.

Nie and Eban then approved armed groups to attack the two sites, telling them to destroy everything and kill everyone present, as well as stealing weapons. They were also instructed to expand their attacks to other sites, and following their completion, they must plant the flag of the so-called “Degar State” and record videos to promote their image. “Degar” is a term used for Montagnards groups.

Authorities said that from June 9 to June 10 last year, terrorists trained among themselves and created weapons as preparation. At night on June 10, they split into two groups: one with 33 people and the other with 34 people, to come to the two People’s Committee offices and launch the attacks.

The attacks resulted in nine deaths, including police officers, officials and civilians, as well as injuring people.

Authorities said most of the accused did the crime as they lacked awareness about the laws, so they were persuaded by Y Mut Mlo and other reactionary groups in the U.S. to join in the terrorist acts.

Among the 100 accused, 53 were tried for terrorism to oppose the people’s government; 45 were charged with terrorism (six being abroad); one was accused of concealing crimes; and one was accused of brokering illegal entry, exit, or stay in Vietnam.

The trial started on Jan. 16 and is expected to last 10 days.

By Quoc Thang & Hai Duyen & Tran Hoa – – January 17, 2024

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