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Vietnam urges caution on overseas jobs amid arrests for gambling

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The Foreign Ministry spokesperson reminded Vietnamese citizens to be cautious about job offers abroad promising high pay and easy work without qualifications, labour contracts, mediators, or labour agencies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday urged for vigilance against scams disguised as tempting overseas job offers, in response to questions over cases of Vietnamese nationals detained by local authorities for involvement in gambling activities.

A spokeswoman for the foreign ministry Pham Thu Hang said that according to information from the Consulate General in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia, on March 9, more than 100 Vietnamese nationals working illegally at an online scam gambling centre were detained by Cambodian authorities and subsequently deported.

Acting on the directions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 11, the Consulate General cooperated with local authorities and Vietnamese authorities to conduct the processes to receive the Vietnamese nationals.

Regarding the incident in which Thailand detained 18 Vietnamese nationals, Hang said that immediately upon receiving the information, the Embassy of Viet Nam in Thailand contacted local authorities to find out more about the case and identify those detained.

The embassy informed that the 18 Vietnamese were arrested for organising or participating in games or scams, or helping to advertise and invite others into gambling through electronic devices without the permission of the authorities.

Hang said in the foreseeable future, the Embassy of Vietnam will continue to follow the situation and the development and requests that the local authorities ensure the lawful rights of the detainees.

Recently, these types of incidents have become more common.

The spokeswoman once again asked Vietnamese citizens to remain cautious in the face of invitations to come abroad and work for “high pay, easy job” with no requirements of qualifications or skills, no labour contracts, no mediators, or no labour-sending organisations.

The foreign ministry also urges citizens to properly find out the details of the job they’re taking, the locations of the job, the insurance policies, their rights, and the identification of those who introduce them to the job, before going overseas.

Haiti violence

In connection with citizen protection efforts, the press questioned the ministry’s efforts to safeguard Vietnamese citizens in Haiti amid a recent surge of violence.

According to the spokeswoman, the Vietnamese Embassy in Cuba also accredited to Haiti reported that the violence in Haiti has escalated rapidly, resulting in a complex situation causing many casualties.

In response, the embassy has implemented various measures to protect citizens, including issuing advisories on social media and providing guidance on ensuring security and safety for citizens.

Additionally, the embassy has deployed staff around the clock to maintain regular contact with the Vietnamese community in Haiti and to continuously update the situation.

“As of now, according to the latest information, Vietnamese citizens in Haiti are still safe. Currently, 70-80 Vietnamese people are living there,” the diplomat told the press.

In the future, the Embassy will continue to coordinate with relevant local authorities, and diplomatic missions in the area to implement necessary measures to protect citizens, develop appropriate plans to safeguard citizens in conflict situations and ensure the safety of Vietnamese nationals in Haiti.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Vietnamese citizens not to travel to conflict areas. Vietnamese citizens in the region should closely monitor the situation, take proactive safety measures when necessary, and strictly adhere to government regulations, Hang remarked.

When assistance is needed, citizens can contact the hotline of the embassy or the citizen protection hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Nation (.th) – March 15, 2024

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